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On 02/16 we began our trip at 5.30 am to learn a little more about the beautiful species of the province.

February 16, 2020

The first place we visited was located next to a tunnel where we scored at least 30 birds during the morning.

The first morning hours are always the best for birdwatching because that's when the birds wake up and start singing.

At noon, we went to a national reserve where we could see a corzuela (an animal similar to the deer) that approached us; it was at less than 13 feet / 4 meters from us! What a gorgeous animal...

We had lunch around 1 pm and returned by a different path to see if we could find more species: Taninga Tunnels.

These tunnels have their beginnings in the 30s where the creation of a more fluid connection between Córdoba and La Rioja was sought.

This finally came to fruition and led to one of the most incredible walks in the Province of Córdoba.

There are five tunnels that shape this architectural jewel that amazes us with its majesty.

Declared one of the 7 wonders of the province of Córdoba, the Taninga Tunnels are a tourist attraction that thousands of tourists come to enjoy their incredible views.

We came back around 4 pm, and we were all very happy with our pictures, videos and the amazing experience.

It was a very interesting and fun weekend!



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